My name is Tayloe Clements

I’m a marketing expert specializing in content strategy, social media, and digital advertising. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped businesses and non-profits increase their visibility, conversions, and effectiveness. I am an AMA and DM Pro Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

My diverse background includes helping a wide variety of institutions, including global non-profits, ESPN 3, Blood-Horse Magazine, the Presidential Inauguration, Longwood University, and Banker Steel, among others. Currently, I advise organizations through Tayloe Marketing Advisor and serve as the Digital Marketing Manager for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). I am passionate about teaching and encouraging people to dive deep into their marketing efforts and would love to help you.

Our Vision

To provide advising and tools to help business, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing professions reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To take the mystery out of marketing and help implement strategies and use research to get the results business are looking for.

Our Services

With the latest tools and knowledge of the honest trends, let us help keep you up on to speed of the marketing game.

Hourly Marketing Advising

You sit around a table with your team, you lay our a marketing strategy, and then what? A lot of people reality on the 1…2…3…magic! Unfortunately, things don’t work that way and the next steps are often tricky to put into place. But you are in luck! Tayloe Marketing Advisor is the magic. Through defining clear goals, marketing research, channel analysis, content strategy, and a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing let me take the guessing work out of your plan and help advise you on how to make your marketing dreams a reality.

Digital Advertising Management

Are you not getting a great organic reach on social media, looking to find new audiences to increase your business, or want to keep your current customers coming back? With the latest knowledge in social media advertising and targeting I am are ready to help take your business to the next level. Social media advertising strategy is the bread and butter of Tayloe Marketing Advisor. With experience in running over a million dollars in advertising spend we know what works and what doesn’t.

Online Course – COMING SOON

There are three things that could grow your business over night and I’m here to share all I know to help you be successful! I want to share what other marketing professionals don’t want you to know. With this course you will learn how to build buyer personas that will inform your digital advertising and content marketing strategy. With it, you will learn how to grow your business through organic and paid advertising strategies.


General Question

How do I get started?

Let me help you with your marketing by setting up a free One-on-One Consultation. What is there to lose? Sign up here.

Why should I choose Tayloe Marketing Advisor?

Save time and money with expert advise in digital marketing that will help you target new business! With Tayloe Marketing Advisor you are getting over 7 years experience that will set you and your business up for success. Let me help you find the best strategy to make your business dreams come true.


“I was extremely happy with the way my case was handled and the result achieved. Throughout the process everyone at Doyle & Doyle was professional, polite, and friendly. I could not have asked for anyone better to represent and support me.”

Sean Murphy

“I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the great result you achieved in my case. I felt safe and understood. The professionalism, care, and consideration for my needs has been superb. I will be recommending you to every person I know looking for legal help in the future!”

Kristin Smith

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