A Personal Trainer For Your Digital Marketing

Don’t go into digital marketing alone, hire an outside perspective that is guaranteed to bring a fresh perspective. To really win at social media, email, and paid advertising you need a customized strategy. With one-on-one coaching and training, we provide personalized experience!

Professional Advice

Glean professional marketing wisdom in just minutes vs. what takes someone a lifetime to learn.

Save Time and Money

Don’t spin your wheels. Learn from someone who knows the right tools, what works, and what doesn’t.

Expert Advisor

Nearly a decade of digital and social media marketing experience with a wide range of clients.

Let’s get personal.

My name is Tayloe and I’m your advisor. I’m a marketing expert specializing in content strategy, social media, and digital advertising. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped businesses and non-profits increase their visibility, conversions, and effectiveness. I am an AMA and DM Pro Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

My diverse background includes helping a wide variety of institutions, including global non-profits, ESPN 3, Blood-Horse Magazine, the Presidential Inauguration, Longwood University, and Banker Steel, among others. Currently, I advise organizations through, Tayloe Marketing Advisor, and serve as the Digital Marketing Manager for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). I am passionate about teaching and encouraging people to dive deep into their marketing efforts and would love to help you.

Our Vision

To provide advising and tools to help business, entrepreneurs, and digital marketing professions reach their full potential.

Our Mision

To take the mystery out of marketing and help implement strategies and use research to get the results business are looking for.

Our Services

What Service we Offer

With the latest tools and knowledge of the honest trends, let us help keep you up on to speed of the marketing game.

Digital Marketing Strategy

I will assess your goals, research your audience, and audit your current marketing to devise your unique three month marketing strategy

Content Advising

Content marketing and social media is an ever evolving space. Don’t feel like you have to keep on top of the latest trends and let us do that for you!

Digital Advertising Coaching

Don’t wait money on pointless boost post and generic targeting. Let’s use your advertising spend on something you can measure and increase your ROI.


Private and group marketing deep dives and personal trainings that will set you and your team up for success.

Hourly Advising

Need help with your marketing? Let’s come up with a winning strategy that will help your business succeed.

Online Course (COMING SOON)

I’m excited to share my marketing experience through self paced online course. Stay tuned and in the mean time, set up a time for a free consultation.


General Question

How do I get started?

Let me help you with your marketing by setting up a free One-on-One Consultation. What is there to lose? Sign up here.

Why should I choose Tayloe Marketing Advisor?

Save time and money with expert advise in digital marketing that will help you target new business! With Tayloe Marketing Advisor you are getting over 7 years experience that will set you and your business up for success. Let me help you find the best strategy to make your business dreams come true.

Need A Marketing Advisor For Your Business? Contact Us

Let’s put to test proven marketing strategies and the latest in digital marketing trends to bring your business to the next level. With Tayloe Marketing Advisor, you can be sure that you are adding the best of the best to your team.

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